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Are we building up a tax credits overpayment?

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LittleBlossom Tue 23-Nov-10 12:41:48

We had a smaller income last year than this, as my partner has a new job. Our combined income from last year was just under £15,000 and this year (tax year) will be around £35,000. I'm just a bit worried as we are getting quite high amounts at present as well as around 80% childcare covered, and am a bit worried might have to pay it back in the future. I have told them on the phone after he got the new job and they know about it, he has however done a little self-employed and I'm not sure of how much that will be yet.

Also, are childcare amounts included in a replayment? eg do you have to repay the childcare?

I am just using two sessions of childcare at the moment as am worried about having to replay it but could do with another session, even if was just for a few months, to the start of the next tax year.

Just wondered if anyone had had something similar or been in a similar position. I could ring them but it's very hard to get through at times and not sure if they would help.

chickenlickin Mon 29-Nov-10 22:34:20

I am in a simliar situation. Last years earnings about £22,000 and this year (April 2010 - April 2011) Estimate more like £35,000. This is because I was on maternity leave and now earning more as back at work. My partner is self employed so each month is different. Is so difficult to guess!

When I spoke to them after my payments increased, they said as long as you tell them before April 2011 then they can amend them for the next financial year. I.e if you don't say anything, from April until when you put your renewal pack in July (ish) time you may be over paid. Well thats how I understood it! Now just plucking up the courage to tell them as know payments will go down or stop or worst fear will have to pay some back! DP earning well below min wage as self employed and being undercut and out quoted all the time. Is a nightmare

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