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Discount shopping websites?(genuine ones, have been caught out by dodgy one!)

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Arabella36 Sun 21-Nov-10 09:10:35

Anyone know of good value shopping websites? Am thinking of Christmas shopping online. Have received fake goods through a copycat website last year so don't want to repeat that mistake!

RockChick1984 Sun 21-Nov-10 10:26:05

Depends on what sort of things u are wanting to buy, I have found Dixons to be fantastic for electrical, for cd's and games etc, wh smith sell their books and stuff cheaper online than they do in shops. If u use a credit card for purchases over £100 you will be insured if anything goes wrong or is a dodgy site, if you use a visa debit card you have some protection but not the same level of cover as it's not a legal right on a debit card like it is with a credit card. If you have still got a maestro card or an electron or something, never use it for online shopping - if the goods don't arrive or are faulty u have no comeback on the money through the card company! Xx

blushingm Sun 21-Nov-10 22:14:54

i'd second and amazon too

Arabella36 Mon 22-Nov-10 19:29:23

Thanks for the tips!

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