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Help for my parents please

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susall Sat 30-Oct-10 11:04:15

My sister and my 14 year old nephew have not been getting on for 8 months now as he wants to live with his dad and rather than let him she has been fighting it to the point that he is to go in front of a childrens pannel soon. She would not let him have contact with anyone in our family or his dad so he ran away and had police out searching for him whilst she updated people on facebook. He was found 12 hours after he dissapeared and the next day he phones my dad and asks if he could stay with them, an obvious yes as they would do anything for any of their grandchildren. His stepdad made the decision that he needed to be out of their house as the friction between mother and son was causing far too many arguments. Now we are in Scotland and they are in Wales so its not as if it was a small move.
Sister has not handed over any form of money to my parents but she will be receiving child benifit for him along with tax credits of some form. She does not want my parents to go along the route of contacting inland revenue which is crap as far as I am concerned, she wants the money but not her son. So my question is where do they stand and what would they be entitled to? They do have a solicitors letter handing over gaurdianship so they can get him into school and get medical help if needed.

Chil1234 Sat 30-Oct-10 12:27:59

If your parents are their grandson's permanent legal guardians then they should technically be able to contact the relevant agencies like HMRC and have things such as Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit awards transferred. Your sister, in turn, should be telling the same agencies that her son is no longer living with her if she doesn't want to commit benefit fraud. This all assumes that it is not a temporary change of circumstances.

Of course, if he ends up with his natural father, then he would become the main carer and that would change things again. How long has your nephew been with his grandparents?

LucindaCarlisle Sat 30-Oct-10 13:42:40

They could look at www.directgov and see whether they can submit a claim for child benefit on line. Or they could phone up child Benefit section of DWP or "benefit agency"

LucindaCarlisle Sat 30-Oct-10 13:45:21

They could phone up the Welfare Rights Unit at their Local Authority.

LucindaCarlisle Sat 30-Oct-10 19:15:47

Go to

lilyliz Sat 13-Nov-10 18:09:11

they need to see a solicitor as you cannot just sat someone is staying with you and claim the benefit.If you think he will soon join his father then maybe not worthwhile doing anything but if it's to be long term or pernament then see about a solicitor

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