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Anyone looking for a lodger within striking distance of E15? DH looking for weeknight abode.

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foxytocin Wed 15-Sep-10 07:49:11

apols for posting on more than one board but it isn't a very stopic specific post.

He is house broken. Will only be there four nights a week. He is used to children around and is a non smoker, rarely drinks and has mellowed nicely with age.

He drives to work so parking, on street is fine, would be a plus but in the winter months will probably cut down on driving to London and be dependent on public transport.

foxytocin Wed 15-Sep-10 13:13:20


milkybarsrus Wed 15-Sep-10 13:46:23

Hi, I am thinking of taking in a lodger, I live in Bexleyheath which is easy to get to E15. Let me no if thats close enough for you.

foxytocin Wed 15-Sep-10 14:33:03

I think it will be close enough. email me privately at yfforster at gmail dot com

dinkystinky Wed 15-Sep-10 14:44:01

Has he tried looking on gumtree? There seem to be lots of ads on there for room lets.

blushingm Wed 15-Sep-10 18:24:49

my dad is in E13 - is that close? He might be looking for a lodger

foxytocin Wed 15-Sep-10 19:43:06

feel free to email me too blushingm. smile

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