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have got a claim form for council need a bit of help

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starshaker Mon 22-Aug-05 14:54:46

ok heres the story

7 months ago we notice our front room had a lot of damp in the corner we called the council they sent the housing officer out and he said he would send a survayer out. he did and they came 2 months later (5 months ago) they said it was very damp and would be a big job they also checked the kitchen and said they would put vents in the larder i asked if they were damp and they said no but would but them in anyway. the larder is more a big cubourd, we keep the next size car seat, high chair jackets and the suitcase in it. last week i went into the cubours to get the high chair and noticed that the car seat, jackets suitcase and a few other things are covered in mold. its disgusting. anyway i want to put a claim into the council as if they had said it was damp we had plenty space elsewhere to store the stuff.

also dont know how much to say for the car seat as it was a gift (never been used) its a cosatto 9-18kg.

please any1 got advice

starshaker Mon 22-Aug-05 15:03:45


Hausfrau Mon 22-Aug-05 15:08:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starshaker Mon 22-Aug-05 15:20:43

its a cosatto its blue and white check have googled it will check ebay

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