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is my life ruined?

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messeduplife Thu 27-May-10 23:29:37

Last year my abusive ex tried to force himself into my house, so because I was terrified of what he would do I threw a shoe at him.
Not my finest moment, and not one I'm proud of, but I was scared, you know?

Anyway, he called the police and had me arrested and I was duly given a simple caution. So now my child is about to start full time school and I'm ready to get a job. The thing is,will this caution be held against me? I would like to train to be a dental nurse, but I fear it will show up on a CRB check.

I can't belive I have landed in this mess, I have never been in trouble before, and think now I'm going to be on the scrapheap.

booyhoo Thu 27-May-10 23:41:01

i am sorry i have no advice on how this will affect your career but i just wanted to say how terribly sorry i am that you have found yourself in this situation. i know exactly how it feels to be petrified and panic when you think you are going to be hurt. i know in your situation i would have lifted the nearest thing to hand and unfortunatley your ex has used it as teh perfect oportunity to mess things up for you. again, so sorryhe is still affecting you.

messeduplife Thu 27-May-10 23:43:59

thanks for taking the time to write that Booyhoo, it means a lot.

Tortington Thu 27-May-10 23:44:03

not if its a basic

but if its a standard or enhanced then yes.

i dont know how long for - worth going to \CAB

funkychunkymunky Thu 27-May-10 23:54:20

It depends on the CRB check. If they request a standard CRB check then cautions and fixed penalties do not appear. If they want an extended records check then they do.

Extended record checks are done mainly for professions where you are in a position of trust such as doctor, nurse, carer etc. I wouldn't have thought that a dental nurse would need an extended check.

Before applying you could anonymously ask which check it is that is performed so you know what to expect.

If an extended check is required then it would be best for you to be honest at the earliest opportunity so that it doesn't go against you. I'm not suggesting that you put it on the top of your CV (!) but if there is a question on the application form asking then you should be truthful about it.

Remember that although a caution is given when there is an admission of guilt it is *not a criminal conviction*.

Cautions remain on your Police file forever but disappear from an extended CRB check after 10 years.

Good luck!!!

llareggub Fri 28-May-10 00:02:27

Your life is certainly not ruined.

I work for a large, public sector organisation and I have dealt with many CRB checks over the years. I forget the statistics now but something like 1 in 4 men over 30 have a conviction.

All organisations that use CRB checks have to have a policy on employing ex-offenders, and when something shows up on a disclosure the recruiting manager needs to balance the risk of employing that person. There is usually an interview in which you can put forward your side of what happened, and, depending on the nature of the offence, your age at the time, how much time has passed, and many other variables, you may or may not be offered the job.

So don't worry. Based on what you've said I think it is highly unlikely that this will prevent you for working with children. If I were you I would declare it before the disclosure comes back though.

Good luck.

Tortington Fri 28-May-10 00:09:15

and look at it this way, byt the time you have been offered the job they will want to listen - becuase going through the whole recruitment process again, its ver costly

MrsC2010 Fri 28-May-10 14:15:22

When I applied for a job in a school I had to declare whether or not I had a criminal offence. I had a stupid caution from when I was an even more stupid teen, and I declared that and explained it fully on the form. The CRB itself didn't show it up, I think it was an old style caution that expires after a while. What I am getting at is that if it isn't something that affects your ability to do the job etc then I would declare it before you get to the CRB stage. If you don't and it shows up it will look far worse. Your circumstances render your actions completely understandable in my opinion and I suspect they will feel the same way!

I got the job by the way, this was a year or so ago and I am about to qualify (hopefully) as a teacher so it certainly isn't the end of the world.

FlookCrow Sun 30-May-10 18:38:43

OP, do not worry about whats on your CRB, and don't let it restrict what you do in the future or which profession you go into.

As other posters have said, deal with it as and when the time comes. You cannot "fail" a CRB check, and I believe it is even now illegal for a company to hold a caution against you with regards to hiring/firing.

It is entirely up to your employer, but I would be a bit careful about whether or not you reveal it as not all jobs require a CRB and a caution is now considered "spent" once issued. This means if you're asked if you have a caution, you can truthfully answer "no".

However, if it's exempt from the 1974 Offenders act, then declare it! If not, then never mind!

10poundstogo Mon 31-May-10 00:18:09

I would not worry i know some one with theft and possession of weed on thier form sheet and they have since become a teacher. Just be honest, lets face it most people may have done something like this at some point, you were just unlucky enough to have been put in this situation by your ex.

hatesponge Mon 31-May-10 00:24:50

I would be honest about it if and when you get to the stage of your prospective employer saying they want to obtain a CRB check. If you explain the circumstances, I would be surprised if an employer would hold it against you.

My employer (financial institution) requires all employees to undergo a CRB check. whilst I think anyone who had a caution/conviction for any form of financial irregularity (theft, deception etc) would be refused employment, I do know a couple of people who work there who have had cautions for affray/criminal damage in their teenage days, and got through without a problem.

So good luck, and try not to worry

scarletheart Tue 10-Jan-17 12:26:41

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RedHelenB Tue 10-Jan-17 13:26:17

Surely if your ex was trying to get into your house against your wishes and you were terrified of him hurting youthat counts as self defence?

aginghippy Tue 10-Jan-17 13:50:41

You could try contacting the admissions staff at the college or hospital where you are thinking of applying. They will be able to tell you whether the caution would be a problem. There may be some administrative hoops to jump through, but it's unlikely to be a barrier to you working.

titchy Tue 10-Jan-17 13:53:23


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