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Who should pay the travel costs re: making sure that child retains contact with non-resident parent?

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legallyblonde Wed 12-May-10 12:41:14

Maybe I should have put this in the "Am I Being Unreasonable?" section instead but anyway...

My DH spends approximately £100/ month on train fares to go and collect his daughter (who lives with his ex partner) for her to spend the weekend/ holidays with us and then to take her back home again at the end of her stay.
He pays a big chunk of his income to his ex-P every month via in child support.
He and his ex-P didn't go to court to arrange residency/ contact and agreed everything amicably themselves without the need for a court order.
I know that his ex-P bears most of the burden relating to the care of the girl but she chose that and she gets all the money for it.

I am going slowly insane about the fact that legally (as far as I can remember from my family law studies - I am a solicitor but not a family law solicitor) both parents are responsible for making sure that a child retains contact with the non-resident parent i.e. not only would it be nice but also a court is quite likely to order that, every now and then, she should bring the child to stay with us and should bear some of the travel costs.

Just to give you an idea how that mother treats us: she now wants us to have the child for the whole summer holidays because otherwise she "would have to pay for child care." I'm not kidding!!
My partner refuses to challenge her on anything because she has threatened to stop him from seeing his daughter (Yes - really!)

Please can someone advise me what the legal situation is here and how best to resolve it because I am about to blow my top and give that mother a piece of my mind! Grrr!

GypsyMoth Fri 14-May-10 16:00:13

again,how old id dd??

so,you'd go to court and pay all the expenses asociated with it,time off work,childcare etc...for the sake of saving £50 a month in travel costs????

try forums where you'll see that its not common for an nrp to get this new arrangement you want.....particularly as its been this way for so long and now YOU want to move the goalposts.

chaosisawayoflife Fri 14-May-10 18:52:40

I feel so sorry for your dsd. I can't believe that you are willing to risk your husbands relationship with her for the sake of £25 a week. I can't imagine he's too keen on that idea, and if £25 is more important to him than his daughter then why are you having a child with him? That poor girl, she probably already feels unwelcome in your home and that is only going to get worse when your child is born. If you can't accept that your husband has baggage and responsibilities outside of your relationship, why the hell did you marry him?

mjinhiding Fri 14-May-10 19:21:47

Message withdrawn

Webuyanycardotcom Sat 15-May-10 09:32:12

Going to court is just going to put a bomb in the middle of everyone's relationships. Given how you describe their parting, if you think it can happen without mud slinging then you are very naive. You're already aware that she may stop contact yet you seem determined to press ahead.

I don't understand it. I get that it's hugely frustrating when things aren't "fair" (although I think in this case it's not unreasonable for you to bear all the costs), I get that it's hugely frustrating when one party behaves badly, when there's no negotiation over things. I've been there. But you have to pick your battles and if it's not that important (and I don't think this is) you just have to let it go IMO. It doesn't help your dsd to have the most important people in her life fighting over her.

And I think it's really sad that after 8 years you refer to your dsd as "the child".

mjinhiding Sat 15-May-10 09:40:38

Message withdrawn

Sweetassugar85 Fri 24-May-13 15:17:27

What everyone is telling you is basically sit down and shut up! How dare you have feelings or thoughts!!
I on the other hand totally agree with you! And quite honestly if you are expecte to have her for the holidays and pay child ate And still pay child maintenance during this time it's absolutely taking the p*ss !!! And anyone that says otherwise is definitely the mother doing this kindof thing! Your husband needs to grow a pair and realise this can't go on!! You need to discuss this with him, if he is a family with you then you should be considered! And we'll if she stopped his child seeing him because of this he would be cutting her nose off to spite he face now would t she! As she would then have to pay for childcare over the summer and would also haveno one to have her every other weekend!

PatriciaHolm Fri 24-May-13 15:50:58

Another zombie thread! How do these things get found??

nomes1975 Tue 10-Feb-15 02:10:51

take her to court the questions is who moved away if he moved away he should be responsible for paying the travel cost not her
child support only cover the expense of food and clothing for the child think your self lucky im going throw the court at the moment 3 time i have a disable child and hes farther has moved 100 kl away from me i reserve no help with the child or expenses to my son medical cost i have given up working to be his full time care person as he goes to school part time and i take him two appointments weekly yet this is not good enough and he think i should do the travel every two week there my son dose not like to go there why he there in the holidays he put in to child care at 6am till 6pm at night i think if he want to help my son he live closer im a reasonable person and i would let him see my child as much as he like to but i think he just being a dickhead and it his choice were he lives i also think why would you not take the child for the holidays if she offed it to you and if she threaten you to stop visitation take her to court she cant sound like you need to for the sake off the child

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