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Can you get help for costs for divorce?

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Kerrymumbles Wed 04-Nov-09 16:06:15

need to get a divorce. xdh is saying it doesn't matter to him if we're divorced or not so he's not coughing up. But he is willing to go through the process for me as he's up in northern Ireland and I'm in republic so he will file everthing etc. We're both unemployed and skint and he went to office and they said whole thing with all filings, court fees, etc. would be £600!!!! shock

That is NOT through a solicitor. That is doing everything ourselves.

Does anyone know if there's any assistance to be had for this? Please?

Kerrymumbles Wed 04-Nov-09 17:18:09


mumofsatan Thu 05-Nov-09 06:26:49

can't help with the costs in Ireland but can advise that if in England or Wales the costs for acting in person would be around £375 (don't know exact costs as not issued for a while)
However in England (and Wales) if you are unemployed you are 'fee exempt' and can normally complete a form which means you don't need to pay the Court fees (fees on issue of petition, a swear fee and then fee for applying for Decree Absolute)
Definitely worth you enquiring at the Court office there if they have a similar scheme. Perhaps your H did not say you were unemployed when he made his enquiries

Kerrymumbles Thu 05-Nov-09 12:43:48

ah thanks!!!! smile

Divorce is taking place in Northern Ireland though so part of UK and I'm assuming the same?

mumofsatan Thu 05-Nov-09 15:55:14

you will have to check that as England and Wales have a slightly different system to Scotland so may not be the same in N Ireland

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