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Overturning a CCJ on basis of possibly unlawful contract

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HarrumphingAndBonfireAdjusting Mon 02-Nov-09 18:35:02

Please help if you at all can, am in such a muddle!
Joined a gym when I was 17. Was living in one town but attending college in another, so gym was in town where college was IYSWIM.
Got to the summer hols, and realised I was never going to go whilst at home, and kept getting bank charges for going overdrawn due to gym memebership going out (teenage financial mismanagement, clever me.) So asked gym if I could cancel the two year contact, and the said no. Went in to bank andwas told to simply cancel my direct debit, which I duly did.
Gym kept sending me letters asking for the money, which I ignored as I didn't understand the implications of the contract. A month after my 18th birthday, I got a form from the County Court saying the gym were suing me for unpaid memebership fees and legal costs. Had a real panic; had just found out I was pregnant so simply accepted judgement and have been paying it ever since.
Did a bit of research into contract law, and found a piece of legislation which says that an under 18 cannot be held responsible for a contact unless it is signed for an 'essentil' reason such as work or rent. Gym obviously doesn't fit into this, and parents never countersigned contract (gym didn;t ask)
So, I wrote to the gym asking for a copy of the original contract. They responded with a letter saying I had paid off the full amount and didn;t need to send them any more money which I was a bt hmm about as according to the CCJ I still owe them £275. No mention of requested contract. Wrote to them again a week and a half ago requesting it again, but no response (possibly due to postal strike.) Suspect gym are being evasive as they know it's all a bit dodgy. Am desperate to get judgement overturned as am hoping to join the police after graduation and this amy affect my chances.
Would be grateful for any advice. Also posted in chat in the hope a friendly legal type might spot it!

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