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solicitors and withholding information

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GypsyMoth Mon 02-Nov-09 14:52:25

am going through very difficult acess case with my ex.

last court hearing was adjourned due to his probable sentencing for a crime he comitted earlier this year. all i know is it culminated with another attempt at suicide..

however,i called solicitor recently,but his asisstant/secretary said he's be away for few weeks ill so to call back then. i asked if she would know the outcome of ex's case as i thought solicitors would be in touch with each other and i thought him likely to be in prison. she then said 'oh your the case where he had a gun and threatened police aren't you?' i said,'what do you mean,i knew none of this' she then backtracked a bit,said she would call back when she'd done some digging. she never did.

so,what i need to know,is are solicitors in receipt of this kind of information about our cases,supposed to declare it to us?

we have already has a long forensic psychiatric assesment on ex with all police and medical records declared. so do i need to know as much as the solicitors?

he already has a history of knife and gun crimes. i'm scared for me and the dc...but there is well over 200 miles between us and no mutual friends.

i saw on xhibit that he had been sentenced,just think if the sols know all the details then i should? got long!

GypsyMoth Mon 02-Nov-09 15:15:10

or any idea how to find out about prison sentences? no idea of his local area,but did try searching in google...nothing

LSEE Mon 02-Nov-09 16:49:04

I find your post quite hard to understand - did you call your solicitor, or his? If it was your solicitor then yes to the extent that they have any information about your ex's case they should be able to tell you. However, it does depend on how they came across that information - if they obtained it in the course of acting for another client then it will be confidential to that client and they won't be able to pass it on to you. Sounds like the assistant was a bit confused, maybe call back and see if she's found anything out?

Not sure whether you can find out information about his sentence, you could try calling the CPS enquiry line (020 7334 8505) and see if they can help?

GypsyMoth Mon 02-Nov-09 18:13:39

Thanks....I called my solicitor. Secretary did try to cover it up a bit. As if she shouldn't mention anything. Yes, I will call back I think. Doubt if they found it through another client due to distance.

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