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maddyph Sun 01-Nov-09 18:00:15

I am not sure how to start this, but I am desperately hoping to find someone who has been through a similar event -- or even can recommend websites that could help me.

My husband has decided that he wants to divorce me -- basic incompatibility issues that he has had to dress up a unreasonable behaviour to get his petition through the courts. I contest his "particulars of behaviour" which are completely fabricated but my real issue if this: he has sumitted an arrangements for the children form which states that he will move to Berkshire with the children (we live in London) and I can see them for two weekends a month. He is trying to use the fact that I work full-time against me as he has very recently been made redundant and is using this to claim (fallaciously) that he is the primary carer.

This is clearly going to Court -- we have tried mediation but he would never concede or even discuss my issues. We always talked of shared residence -- in fact it was his idea. He told me that he has taken this step because I wouldn't agree to 50/50. I do believe in shared residence -- children need both parents -- but I think my twins at 3 are too young for such an unsettling life and my proposal was 70/30 in my favour, at least until they were settled in primary school.

I feel sure that the court must reject his bid to marginalise me but I do feel scared. Especially because the process is so slow and will go on for months. I am also very concerned about the impact this conflict will have on my children.

At the moment my husband won't move out and I have no legal cause to make him. He is consantly working to erode my confidence and I think he is bullying me, but subtley so, again, no legal recourse.

If anyone has been through anything similar and come out the other end, I would be so pleased to hear from you.


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