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Damage to our property caused by neightbour.

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BramblyHedge Sun 01-Nov-09 13:18:56

I originally posted this in Chat but thought I might op it here as well in case anyone has any outline advice:
"I am so maddddd. We live in an 1860s terrace of cottages. As next door could see sunlight through their unfelted roof they decided to have it tarred a few days ago. Cue pissing rain this morning and it has all washed down the front our our house and all over our windows. It looks awful and I could cry. I love our little house. No idea what we can do? Will it come off? Are they liable? Think he used a cowboy anyway. No idea why any mumsnetters would care but I just needed to vent."

The roofer is coming this afternoon but not sure what he can do. From my research it looks like we might need to have it professionally cleaned - not even sure if it will work. I am guessing we ask our neighbour to sort this and he then sorts it out through insurance or roofers insurance (if either have any). If not then maybe the Party Wall Act might apply?

Other neighbours on other side are also mad as he has tarred half their roof without permission!!!!

Any pointers would be welcome. I have a law degree but that was many moons ago and I remember very little!

EldonAve Mon 02-Nov-09 09:47:30

Your insurer may be able to advise you

BramblyHedge Mon 02-Nov-09 14:40:56

Thanks - I gave them a call this morning and had a chat. Still not sure what to do but will hopefully work it out.

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