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Advice on Southern Elec debt please!! (warning-ranty and sweary!!)

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PersonalClown Fri 30-Oct-09 11:30:09

Allow me to get this out first....



DP moved in 2 months ago. He has a £1460 debt with Southern which we do not dispute at all even though it was partly their fuck up. When he moved, he asked for a final bill and a payment card so we could set up a repayment system to clear it. They 'claim' that they sent letters hmm and we didn't respond. Anyhoo, we rang to sort payments out and they want to charge us a whopping £167 a month!!
We cannot afford that price so we offered £50 as we are on benefits and have other debts too then suggest in 6 months, a review of finances to see if we cannot up the payments.

They want me to have a prepayment meter put in to cover his debt!! DP says no thank god!

We have spoken to their Customer Services and even the bloke on the other end couldn't get them to budge from the price.

We are going to pay the £50 we suggested and then go to the engery ombudsman.
Oh and change my supplier..I don't want those bastards trying to add on more debt when I pay enough and it's proven that you pay more on a PPM!!

So my questions are..
Where do we go from here? We are going to ring CAB on Monday when they open.
The customer service bloke gave us an address to complain to and we are going to the Energy Ombudsman.
Is it even legal to put DP's debt onto mine without my permisson? DP doens't want a PPM and I fought for a year to have the last one removed from my house as it was installed before I moved in.


EldonAve Fri 30-Oct-09 11:43:34

keep things separate

don't deal with his debt for him
keep his name off the new account

Fizzylemonade Tue 03-Nov-09 09:51:51

I used to work for npower many moons ago.

First things first Was the electricity account for your house before he moved in solely in your name?

When he moved in did they then put your joint names onto an account?

Does it have a different account number?

DO NOT have a prepayment meter fitted, this is a last resort if you are not paying towards the debt, which you are clearly offering to do. And yes they do cost more.

If I remember correctly they cannot put a debt from one person onto a joint account without your permission. If they say they can ask to see a printed copy of their terms and conditions and ask them to highlight the part that says they can do it.

We used to quote a piece of legislation but that was for married couples where the law is different.

The reason they transfer the debt is because as a "closed" account (as he moved) they have very little clout to collect the debt if you don't pay, it just goes to a debt collection agency.

On a "live" account, ie yours, they can collect it back forcefully through a prepayment meter.

Me? I'd demand them to transfer it back to the closed account wink

They may ask you to fill in an income and expenditure form which CAB can help you with.

Hope this helps, I know it is now Tuesday so hopefully you have been to CAB. I'll check back later.

PersonalClown Tue 03-Nov-09 10:01:42

Thanks Muchly Fizzy.
All bills/outgoings are in my sole name and intend to stay that way.
Dp said right at the beginning when we talked about moving in that this was my home and if we ever split up, he would be the one to leave as I need the home more for my ASD DS.
They are still pushing for me to take on the debt which DP is refusing. He says that I worked hard enough to clear my own debts from DS' father leaving so why should I be saddled with his?

Simple answers to questions? wink
The bill for this house is solely in my name. No joint account here. And yes it is a different account number.
And as I have no debt with them?? I have applied to move companys!!grin

SparklyGothKat Tue 03-Nov-09 10:21:46

they are wankers PC, I moved to scottish power last year and had a debt of £312 with SE, which I was paying at £50 a month. I forgot the payment in december as it was due xmas day and when they phoned in january, I offered them 2 months money to catch up, was told that it was too late and it was in the hand of the debt collector and to wait for a letter. I waited and then got a call from the manager in feb asking for the balance.

I told him what was said to me in january and he said that it wasn't too late in jan, but was now angry

It took them till sept to sendthe account to the debt collector, who then hounded me for full payment. I stood my ground and am paying £16 a week to clear the debt.

I know it was my fault but they could have had all their money by now if the bloke just accepted my payment in jan.

Fizzylemonade Tue 03-Nov-09 11:19:12

So have they changed your account number but left it in your sole name?????? Think that is highly illegal! They are making you solely responsible for someone else's debt.

Oooooh, I would contact the energy ombusdmen over that.

If I remember correctly there was a case where account was solely in man's name, he died, they put account into wife's name (they were living together) and transferred his debt onto her account. They had to remove it and that was a husband and wife and the debt was built up at that property.

Good luck, have to go and collect my son from preschool.

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