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Supermarket cafes and selling food from the shop floor

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MrsJamesMartin Thu 29-Oct-09 19:23:44

Hello all,

this really is a daft question but if you go to a supermarket cafe and ask for a ham sandwich can they say " we haven't got any ham left sorry" even though there's shelves of the stuff just the other side of the cafe?

thisisyesterday Thu 29-Oct-09 19:25:38

yes, becausae they are usually a different entity to the main shop. they may be franchised, or they may just be separate in terms of finance and that kind of thing.

i know our sainsburys uses shop produce from the shop to make their food, i don';t know how it would work though if they needed something on the spot. i guess they'd need a manager of the cafe there to ok the purchase?

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