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do they have legal obligation to replace our tv?

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choochoochaboogie Sun 25-Oct-09 14:06:19

we have just bought (separately) new tv and wall bracket to put it on wall
dh put bracket up carefully and we set up tv holding it just in case but all seemed ok so we stood back to look at it and then the bracket broke in the middle (ie not the bit attached to either the wall or the tv but the middle bit) and our lovely new tv dropped and broke
we were gutted
my question is does the company supplying the bracket have a legal obligation to replace our tv?

hope someone out there knows about these things because we dont

JeMeSouviens Sun 25-Oct-09 14:10:57

I don't know, but I feel your pain. Check carefully that the bracket you have purchased was manufactured to carry the weight of your TV, then get on the phone to wherever you purchased it from to get advice from them. If it was I don't see why you wouldn't have comeback on the manufacturer of the bracket, but first port of call would be where you bought it.

If after exhausting every other avenue you get nowhere, the TV is probably covered on your contents, ours was when DS hit it with a drumstick and cracked it.

choochoochaboogie Sun 25-Oct-09 14:17:40

yes it was definitely strong enough for the tv i bought it online but talked to the shop first to check it would be suitable
we have sent them an email with photos and will talk to them first thing tomorrow

Earlybird Sun 25-Oct-09 14:19:43

Agree with JMS - check first to see if bracket was made to hold the weight of your telly. If so, talk to store where bracket was purchased (was it same store as telly?). Also chat to bracket manufacturer.

I imagine both store and bracket manufacturer will initially want to 'blame' your dh for faulty bracket installation. I'd take pictures of broken bracket, and 'scene' of accident, just to be on the safe side. And don't throw the bracket away in case they ask for it in order to figure out how/why it failed.

Did you pay for telly with credit card? I think some have an accident replacement clause for goods purchased (American Express used to tout this in their adverts), but have never tried to claim so don't know how/if that angle might work.

choochoochaboogie Tue 27-Oct-09 11:46:44

Well they have asked for precise details of the tv, so I have emailed model no and a scanned copy of invoice (only got it 2 days before sad) - the tech spec says tv weighs 27kgs and bracket says will hold up to 35kgs - so we should be ok on that.

Photos show that bracket broken inmiddle, so not where dh attached it to wall and not where it hooked onto tv.

I hate the waiting to see what they are going to dispute / do about it.

DC are fed up they can't watch lovely new tv too - just "grotty old" one - lovely atmosphere in this house sad

We did pay on credit card and we do have house insurance so it will be covered somehow but its just the effing nuisance of sorting it out when its not our fault.

choochoochaboogie Thu 05-Nov-09 15:25:51

just an update - the co that sold us the bracket has replaced our tv and refunding cost of bracket - they didn't give us any compensation but we're so pleased to have new tv again that we're not going to kick up fuss.
thanks for all your advice smile

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