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childminding contract

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harryracer Tue 20-Oct-09 20:55:35

i wonder if you can help me, i have recenty had my contract cancelled by my childminder for reasons im unsure of.
She has given me the stated period of notice as shown on the contract to set a end date and stuck by this. However the contract is between me and my husband and the childnminder, and i and the childminder have only signed the contract even though all 3 of us are on the contract. Does this constitute it not being a contrcta anyway and am i in my right to use legal powers to recover the money i have already paid for childcare.

MrsHappy Tue 20-Oct-09 20:58:17

I think you would be hard pressed to argue that there was no contract between you and the childminder, when both of you signed it.

As for recovering money you've already paid for childcare, I don't understand what you're after. Is it that you don't want to pay for services you have had or have you paid in advance for childcare which will now not be provided?

navyeyelasH Tue 20-Oct-09 21:00:58

What money would you have lost?

harryracer Tue 20-Oct-09 21:16:39

i have 2 children, one was given 2 weeks notice the other 4 weeks notice.. I have paid for both children for the next 2 weeks. i have then had to find new childcare for my children together therefore starting at the end of the 2 week period. My childminder thinks I should pay for the other 2 weeks for my remaining child. She at no time drew my attention to my children having different termination lengths and breached her contract earlier in the week by not being at home when I came to drop my children as she had gone shopping and I had to wait 2 hours so I was late for work. My contract with her was only signed by me and not by my husband and he is named on the contract.

Katymac Tue 20-Oct-09 21:30:16

So the contracts have different termination dates - if that is true she is entitled to the notice period - whether your husband signed or not. I would suggest that in future if you sign a legal contract that you read it first - it's always a good idea

As for the misunderstanding wrt the start-time/shopping if you did nothing at the time I hardly think it is relevant to bring it up now - in fact depending upon your reaction to that maybe why you have been given notice?

navyeyelasH Tue 20-Oct-09 22:50:49

Harryracer, I'm sorry to say (but am no expert) that I think they contect would not be breached by the lack of your husbands signature / the fact the CM was not home when you had to drop of your DC.

I think you will have to pay the 2 weeks childcare for your other child - there is nothing stopping you from using that space if you really would miss the money.

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