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Does anyone here have a shop lease with property?

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PurpleOne Tue 20-Oct-09 18:10:48

We live in a rented property above a shop. The business people in the shop are my landlord and landlady and they have a lease from the owner of the building.

Their shop lease is up for renewal next June, so I have found out.
In the last week alone, I have met the buildings owner, a surveyor and an energysaver company...all of whome came in and took lots of photos. Measuring things adn asking lots of questions.

My questions being, is is statutory for all these things to take place prior to renewal?

I know our property is part of their lease, and I have a substantial rent debt so my deposit will be taken.

If all these things are statutory, why would someone be standing outside the shop and flat, over the other side of the road taking photographs?
All these things just don't seem to add up to me and I'm terrified of being chucked out next year.

PurpleOne Wed 21-Oct-09 03:53:32


TanteRose Wed 21-Oct-09 06:25:10

sorry, Purple, no idea - but morning bump for you smile
can anyone help PurpleOne with this??

SarahLondon1 Thu 22-Oct-09 11:30:44

It could be normal. If your landlord is leasing the shop and is not the freeholder, he may still be responsible for all repairs to the building.

The condition of the building and any repairs likely to be needed in the future could have a bearing on how much the lease renewal should be.

Alternatively the freeholder, might be getting a full valuation either to see if it is worth selling rather than renewing the lease.

Even if the freeholder does sell, then any buyer is likely to be an investor and would probably appreciate having a good tenant in the flat above the shop.

Try not to worry, I'm sure it will be fine.

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