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Swindled by the RSPCA?

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mmrred Sun 18-Oct-09 00:00:34

As if I didn't have enough going on in my life at the moment...

A week or so ago I had a knock on the door from a representative of the RSPCA, asking me to sign up to contribute £10 a month. I said I couldn't sign up to any more monthly outgoings, but would be happy to give a one-off payment. He came in, filled in the paperwork, said the D/D would come out after Xmas, showed me the identity badge etc.

Today I get a letter thanking me for agreeing to support the RSPCA by monthly D/D. I rushed around looking for the paperwork, and when I found it, it has a section saying 'you as a supporter must complete this form' (I didn't) and one of the questions is 'Did the fund-raiser make it clear to you that this is an on-going donation?' (He certainly didn't) and it is circled 'yes'.

Now obviously I've been very stupid and signed something I didn't read, but you don't expect a charity to rip you off.

I'm having a difficult time right now and feel like I've been really stupid and ripped off by the guy who came to the door. I've tried the number on the forms but they are shut until Monday - can I instruct my bank not to pay it?

DuelingFANGo Sun 18-Oct-09 00:02:56

It will be fine I am sure. Do you have internet banking? You can cancel a DD any time online but am sure you will be ok to wait until monday to speak to the bank if you don't do internet banking.

I would contact the RSPCA and complain though.

fruitspooksbatsintheeaves Sun 18-Oct-09 00:04:58

Tell your bank not to pay it.
I would also copy the form and send a copy back with a note to say it was a one off payment and you were mis led re signing for a monthly donation and that you have cancelled the D/D

mummygogo Sun 01-Nov-09 17:02:16

They did something similar to me a few years ago and I was livid. I had a standing order paying them a small monthly amount. One night out of the blue I got a phone call from them saying can I increase my dd. I said not really because I'd just had a baby etc etc. They said how much they were in need and asked if I would double it (yes double it!) I said no but then agreed to pay more.

A few weeks later I decided that it was too much and rang to get it reduced again. They took the higher amount out of my account for several months by which point I was so effed off with them that I instructed my bank and cancelled it altogether.

sarah293 Sun 01-Nov-09 17:30:02

Message withdrawn

Overtiredmum Sun 01-Nov-09 17:51:34

They did this to my gran (whose is nearly 90!!) a few weeks back. They called on her asking her to complete a D/D form. She said no, but she would be happy to make a one-off donation of a fiver. The "representative" said that it had to be £10 a month or nothing. The "rep" kept badgering her, so my gran called in the warden (she is in sheltered housing) and the warden "escorted" rep out of her flat and has lodged a complaint.

Why is a donation not good enough these days? And since when have they started paying house visits to those who have previously made donations, in order to bully and harrass them for money? Totally outrageous.

littleducks Sun 01-Nov-09 18:11:46

Well the people doing this aren't RSPCA volunteers or even probably RSPCA employees, they are sales people normally employed by a middle agency to 'sell' dd contributions and often paid a commision

You need to contact the RSPCA (both stories on here) so that the stop paying people to harass and bully the public into 'donations'

I ask anyone visiting from a charity (or jumping me in the street) if they are a volunteer, when 9/10 mowadays sadly they say "no" i say i'm really sorry but then i cant make a contribution as i dont agree with the practice

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sun 01-Nov-09 18:15:04

I had with with the nspcc, when I said no to the dd she asked me if I could nohestly say that I didn't care about the welfarre of all the poor children she had told me about.

mummygogo Mon 02-Nov-09 08:09:33

Littleducks, yes I suspected that. Makes you even more cross that its not even all going direct to the charity. There they are tuggling at the heart strings and getting paid all the while.

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