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My daughters ex is refusing to return her four year old son ! Help

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sashababy Wed 14-Oct-09 22:44:57

My daughters ex refused to return her son after visitation, when threatened with the police as he has a prohibited steps order he contacted the police himself and made false allegations claiming that my daughters previous ex boyfriend was hitting my grandson etc even though she has been apart from him for ten months. The child protection team and social services have completed their investigation and have said they have no problem with her son being returned to her. However, his father is still refusing to return him. We are going back to court tomorrow but I am very worried and need advice.

edam Wed 14-Oct-09 22:46:54

Oh dear, I'm sorry your ex SIL is being such a shit.

Don't have any experience to pass on I'm afraid but good luck for court tomorrow.

choosyfloosy Wed 14-Oct-09 22:48:16

So sorry to hear this. I have no advice to help you with but didn't want to leave this unanswered. I hope things go as well as they possibly can for your grandson tomorrow.

sashababy Wed 14-Oct-09 22:55:21

Thank you both, im trying to stay optimistic.

edam Wed 14-Oct-09 22:57:38

I'm sure the judge will see the ex for the selfish trouble-maker he is - how appalling to hurt and worry a little boy in order to get at your ex-wife.

Hope you get to give your GS a cuddle very soon!

edam Thu 15-Oct-09 17:43:04

any news, sasha? Hope it went well...

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