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was this PO being a bit sneaky?

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Booooooooooyhoo Wed 14-Oct-09 22:04:31

bit of a long back story but here goes,

OH's family and i dont speak, a member of my family (13yo) was threatened by them and police involved.

OH's mother collects my ds for contact weekly.

so on the day she was due to come my neigbours car was stolen and police called.
police arrived and one of the officers stayed in car while other went in to neighbours'.

OH mum arrived and was putting ds in car. police officer got out of car and started talking to her, all seemed friendly (i couldnt hear what was said). he then went round to passenger side of her car and leaned in to talk to her daughter (who started the threats on my relative).
i went about my business.

the door knocks and it is the police officer.

he says he's just asking if anyone had heard anything suspicious wrt neighbours car. i told him that my car alarm had gone off during the night but i presumed it was just the wind. he took a look round my car but said he couldnt see any marks or attempts to break into it. i said that was the only thing i had noticed and made to go into the house.

he said "there was another thing i wanted to ask you, you know your cousin, (name), has she got a boyfriend?"

but he had said the wrong surname, so i told him i didnt have a cousin called that name.

he said "well whoever, does she have a boyfriend?"

i repeated that i didnt have a cousin with that name and i didnt know who he was talking about. i asked him if there was a problem and asked him if my OH's mother had asked him to speak to me.
i explained that my family have had trouble from them in the past.

he said no it wasnt her and that there had been an incident, he just wanted to ask a few questions.

i told him that te best person to ask in that case would be the boyfriend of whoever it was he was asking me about.

now the thing is, this officer didnt even ask me my name so couldnt have known who i was, let alone any of my cousins. and he also didnt ask any of my other neighbours about the car.

should i complain about him or would it just be swept under the carpet.

i dont like the idea that these people will use the police to try an intimidate either me or my family.

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