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Domestic Violence, Owner occupation and Housing Associations

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JuJuMoo Sat 10-Oct-09 23:11:52


I've been a victim of on-going domestic violence and have a joint mortgage on my property with my ex. He is currently banned from coming near the home due to Court Orders etc. However, without his income I cannot afford to pay the mortgage and I do not want to keep a mortgage for various reasons. I think if the lender knew we had split up they would repossess as clearly my income of £21K does not fit in with income multipliers for a 130K mortage. I've not spoken with the Lender (good old Northern Rock!!) yet.

I'd like to move into Housing Association accommodation, as I feel scared staying at our joint home, alongside the bad memories and un-affordability. I work in Housing myself (Council) but don't know much about Housing Associations. I'm not too keen on trying for Council accommodation as I work across the borough on estates and I feel it would be a professional conflict of interest.

I've sent off for some HA forms and wondered if anyone knew whether owner occupiers are given the same priority as victims of DV in other tenure eg, rented, council. I would hope so, but not sure. I am a little worried about seeking advice from the Homeless Advice service for personal reasons as I am known to them and want to keep my private left separate from work (I am aware of confidentiality policies but not sure of strictly they would be applied!)

I will ring the HA's next week to ask them, but wondered if anyone had a similar situation or know of anyone who did?

Any help would be appreciated. I will try and look for private rented if all fails but that is still very expensive here and after all the stress I have been through, a HA tenancy would offer more security.

Thanks ladies :-)

Mamazonabroomstick Sat 10-Oct-09 23:16:06

If your landlord reposses your home then you will be homeless. the same as you would be if you had to leave your home due ot DV.
The Dv itself doesn't give you priority oin housing situations.

sb6699 Sat 10-Oct-09 23:29:03

The Womens Aid website gives some advise on housing situations.

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