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Do I have to pay estate agents fees if I sell my house privately

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mulranno Thu 08-Oct-09 07:38:11

House on with an agent...but want to sell to a family member...will I still be liable for estate agents fees

throckenholt Thu 08-Oct-09 07:39:27

I would have thought you only pay the agent if they sell your house. So withdraw your house from the agent and then go ahead privately.

Blackduck Thu 08-Oct-09 07:42:03

As long as they didn't make the introduction shouldn't be an issue...(and in this case one assumes they didn't)

LoveBeingAMummy Thu 08-Oct-09 07:42:14

I thnk there can be something in the cotracts about if the house sells at all whilst you are in contact with them, otherwise anyone could make a deal when smeone comes to view.

RustyBear Thu 08-Oct-09 07:46:23

It's a long time since I sold a house but I think it's still the case that if your contract with the agent gives them 'sole selling rights' then you have to pay whoever you sell to.
If they are just 'sole agents' a private sale is OK as long as they didn't Introduce the buyer (ie you can't take your house off the market & then sell to someone the agent found)

Sarey1 Thu 08-Oct-09 07:49:56

You definitely need to check the contract you signed with the agency. It may be that they have to make the actual introduction to get a fee (as LoveBeingAMummy said) but some contracts tie you to making a payment to the agency however the house is sold, during a certain time period ... Good luck with selling anyway.

babybarrister Tue 13-Oct-09 12:52:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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