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Tent damaged by farmer's goats - is he liable? Should he pay us?

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strongblackcoffee Sun 27-Sep-09 18:07:28

So, we stayed on a farm campsite, there were goats roaming around the field. It was great. Except the goats leapt up on the side of our tent and made three large rips (1m, 50cm, 40cm) with their hooves or horns. We didn't actually see this happen, but other campers nearby saw the goats hanging around our tent, and there are hoof marks in the exact same place on the opposite end of the tent (i.e. about a metre high on the nylon outer of the tent).

The tent is NEW - only the 5th night we've slept in it sad and I have now checked our own home insurance to discover that I haven't actually got any cover for anything outside of the home, which is my own fault for trying to get the cheapest one... The tent is worth £250 sad sad

DH reported it on the day, the farmer came over and had a look, laughed, said 'bastard goats, take it as a compliment, they obviously like your tent'.

We got home, emailed him to say 'what info do you need from us in order to sort this out', i.e. expecting him to pay us for the damage. He has now just replied that he was under the impression we were going to claim for it, he won't be able to, sorry.

What do we do next? Where do we stand legally - isn't he responsible for damage by his goats on his campsite. He hasn't even offered to refund us the £24 we paid to stay there ffs.


kitbit Sun 27-Sep-09 18:14:04

Does he have liability insurance? If he doesn't have a sign up saying "at your own risk, cannot be responsible" etc then maybe you can claim on his insurance: supermarket carparks have a disclaimer up for this reason, so that you can't, so if he doesn't have one maybe you can???

EldonAve Sun 27-Sep-09 18:16:01

try consumer action direct

TBH I'm surprised you thought camping in a field with goats would be ok

TrinityRhino Sun 27-Sep-09 18:17:16

I'm with eldon

strongblackcoffee Sun 27-Sep-09 19:03:37

Well, the goats were in a different field when we put the tent up, but then they all suddenly leapt over at some point, which is where we realised that they basically had free reign. No sort of disclaimer sign or anything. I think I will attempt to write back nicely to the farmer again, explaining that we are not covered for the damage and see what he says. It's a fairly well established farm campsite, but he said the goats haven't been an issue before.

The whole thing is a complete pain, I'm so cross about it.

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