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Is it normal practice for solicitors to...

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flimflammum Sun 27-Sep-09 13:44:53

demand payment in advance for instructing counsel? I'm involved in a negligence claim (against another solicitor, god help me) and my solicitor has just told me, oh by the way, you've got to pay us 1000 pounds in five days time so that we can instruct counsel and get the claim in in time. Until this point we have mostly been paying their invoices roughly monthly. Is this standard practice? They claim it's their firm's policy.


DLI Sun 27-Sep-09 17:39:44

yes, because they will have to pay the barrister whether you pay then or not. It's classed as a disbursement and you always have to pay disbursements up front. Even more so now with the recession.

flimflammum Mon 28-Sep-09 03:49:22

Thanks, I'll tell DH to calm down then smile

mumoverseas Tue 29-Sep-09 09:39:03

DLI is right (again) grin

babybarrister Fri 02-Oct-09 20:59:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumoverseas Sat 03-Oct-09 07:10:22


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