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Wording in a will

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TeenageWildlife Fri 25-Sep-09 09:55:25

"for the survivors of my children <<insert names>> attaining the age of.."

If the money is left to the children, is this the wording?? To a non legal person like me it seems to be left to their children.

Thank you

alwayslookingforanswers Fri 25-Sep-09 09:57:01

not sure - but I know that when my Granddad made a proper will after my Gran died they did wording that included any subsequent grandchildren as well as the ones that were around when he made it.

ChopsTheDuck Fri 25-Sep-09 09:58:54

yeah it's the children. Its jsut to ensure the gift doesn't fail if any of the children die before the testator.

Fajitas Fri 25-Sep-09 10:10:53

What Chops said.

It means "those of my children who outlive me", not "the people who survive (i.e. follow on from) my children", IYSWIM.

TeenageWildlife Fri 25-Sep-09 10:11:57

thanks very much - it's my own will, was just checking because it looks so odd.

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