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Claiming back cost of repair when a 13 year old smashes car window - can someone explain this to me?!

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cupcakesinthesnow Thu 24-Sep-09 16:52:07

My car window was smashed by a 13 year old. It was witnessed by a boy in his class and a witness statement made. Boy admitted vandalism.

Policeman came round to see me and ask if I would agree to take part in (can;t recall name) something where I sit down with the boy and explain how it affected me etc etc. I said no for a number of reasons (had discovered boy and his family well known in area for being in trouble generally, siblings in trouble with police, father a 'meathead', this was boys first offence or at least as his old teachers at previous school told me 'the first time he gor caught and ID'd)

I basically did not want to go through with a meeting when I thought it pointless.

I have now been told I am unlikely to get the compensation ie the £60 excess I had to pay to get my window fixed. I asked why and was told had I agreed to go down the meeting the vandal route it would have been an option but now my only chance was a civil claim. WHY? This seems a bit like holding me to ransome. SHould I not have had an equal chance of reclaiming my costs regardless? Why should I have to agree to something I was totally uncomfortable doing in order to get my money back? Or at least have the chance?

Legal Dept of my car insurance company have said they will send me paperwork so they can get details frompolice and they will write to parents requasting payment but if they refuse nothing can be done (and they are likely to refuse. They have the money the father has his own business but from what everyone has told me, they won't pay).

SO my queries her eregard the police viewpoint - am I being fobbed off? How is it fair that I cannot claim via the police way (they gave my forms to fill in when police visited me but a phonecall today from police telling me the boy has had his reprimand and informed me I should just take out a civil claim as they won;t pursue compensation as I didnt go down the meet the vandal route with them) And is there no law that says the parents have to pay for the damage a minor has done?

Any advice and help appreciated. As you can imagine I am peed off an confused!

Piffle Thu 24-Sep-09 16:55:50

your insurance will probably demand the entire cost of the claim back from them, and they can enforce it legally but for small amounts tend not to as costs vs expense.

cupcakesinthesnow Thu 24-Sep-09 17:00:16

The woman I spoke to from the insurance company said if the parents refused to pay after they had written to them it would be left. I presume that is why then? Althugh I thught the parents would be responsible for costs if it went to court?

cupcakesinthesnow Thu 24-Sep-09 17:00:49

SOrry for spelling typos! Multi tasking and typing too fast!

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