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Contact to child - possible harm

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wwydlactose Thu 10-Sep-09 17:12:45

Ok, can I please take a straw poll of people's views here.

Someone I know has a dc with a lactose intolerance which makes him get tummy aches, d&v if he eats anything with milk products in it.

The parents are acrimoniously divorced and the father has repeatedly fed the boy food containing milk products, in the knowledge that he'll get ill.

Do you think that the Court will suspend contact indefinitely in these circs? There is independent evidence of the child being given milk chocolate, cheese etc.

Child is 3.

Any childcare lawyers out there with experience? What do you think the judge will do?

Contact is currently supervised (though clearly not v. well!)

wwydlactose Thu 10-Sep-09 17:20:26


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