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What conditions make you eligable for a speed awareness course?

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whoingodsnameami Fri 28-Aug-09 11:25:34

The postman bought me a speeding fine this morning, seems I went 35mph in a 30 zone, I am still on my probation untill Oct, the letter states I can apply to do a speeding awareness course instead of recieving 3 points, and they will let me know if I am eligable, but it does'nt state what positions are eligable, does anyone know?

geogteach Fri 28-Aug-09 11:38:13

I did one, they said there are different ones available, on mine everyone had been driving 20+ years and it was a first offence.

Wilts Fri 28-Aug-09 11:39:44

I did one for my second offence. Dh was not offered one though ( first offence). I don't think every county offers them from what they were saying, so depends where you were caught.

whoingodsnameami Fri 28-Aug-09 12:41:02


SalVolatile Wed 02-Sep-09 22:05:18

Yes, the letter means you can apply to do a speed awareness course rather than receive points: eligibility will depend on whether or not you have completed such a course in the past. You will need to find the fee for the course and that is usually more than the fixed penalty charge though.

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