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Suing someone - think they are doing a runner

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fruitstick Sun 16-Aug-09 12:10:16

It's a long story but we are in the middle of a protracted legal case against DH's uncle.

DH's granddad died and DH and DBiL were due to inherit half. However Uncle just kept the lot, never applied for probate (intially forged a will giving him everything)

Anyway, it's gone on for years as uncle has insisted on representing himself and has stalled and blocked at every available opportunity.

Uncle has just announced he is going to South Africa fo 6 months so judge has declared things are suspended until he gets back in 2010. shock

Now either he has no intention of going (no family over there, claims to have no money, neve been abroad before) or he has no intention of coming back.

What would happen in either case?

AliGrylls Sun 16-Aug-09 12:30:16

How did he get hold of the assets in the first place? I thought the assets were frozen in law (from my memory of 3 years ago when I studied probate).

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