Probate has finally been granted - do we need to keep any paperwork?

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LublinToDublin Tue 15-Jun-21 19:55:47

My parents died within 10 months of each other and we have just received the news that Probate has been granted on Mum's will (Dad's was granted end of last year). The house is being sold so everything needs clearing.

My Dad kept file upon file of paperwork, most of which it is clear can be disposed of. But I wanted to check if there is actually anything we need to keep, now that we have the grant of probate?

I know we will need to keep birth, death, marriage certificates and the documents relating to IHT and I have all the paperwork that was submitted to the solicitor after both deaths.

But do I need to keep any other records from before their deaths? Old income tax returns for example?

Thanks in advance

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merryhouse Tue 15-Jun-21 22:17:10

have a read of this, which suggests three years for things like that:

LublinToDublin Tue 15-Jun-21 22:32:17

Thanks Merryhouse it was actually that blog that got me confused and prompted my question. It just says other papers such as tax records, valuations and statements should be kept for at least 3 years just in case the Tax Office needs to re-open an enquiry

I couldn't work out what tax records they meant or what "statements" referred to. I have got the valuations etc. at the date of death death and statements of value of assets at date of death. I was wondering if I should be keeping income tax records from years before they died and if so how many years. I have got their bank statements (by the box full!!) -should I keep these and if so for how many years prior to death?

I thought there would be an easily google-able answer. Looks like I will have to go back to the solicitor.

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finished31 Tue 15-Jun-21 22:45:57

I would keep things for at a few years. DWP make contact about 6 months later and needed copies of some documents.

Sorry for your loss x

LublinToDublin Tue 15-Jun-21 22:49:52

Thanks finished

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