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Mesher orders-how common nowadays child with disability

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TheDuchessofHaste Wed 20-Jan-21 22:25:15

Just that really, I need a Mesher for only about 4-6 years (I will be able to take on mortgage then) and I really want to retain the family home for my children one of which has an Autism Spectrum disability and comorbidities. I know in normal circs these went out with the arc but what are my chances with this situ?

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ComtesseDeSpair Wed 20-Jan-21 23:03:11

It will depend on individual circumstances: your ex’s income, his own ability to house himself (and the children during their visitation) if he remains on the mortgage, whether you can afford the mortgage payments, whether you could reasonably be expected to work and support yourself. If he’s a reasonably high earner and it wouldn’t prevent him from being adequately housed and you can demonstrate that the 4-6 year goal for buying him out is very achievable, you’re more likely to be successful. Have you engaged a solicitor yet?

TheDuchessofHaste Thu 21-Jan-21 16:18:08

He has higher income 70k vs 40k, currently renting but would have to remain so for a couple of years as prob wouldn't get a second mortgage as Fmh very large house . I'm working full time already and have been since we separated 2 years ago. I've met all the mortgage payments myself and all outgoings in respect of the house and have no issue continuing to do so. I need stability for the kids but not quite close enough to get a mortgage on my income alone

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