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Canada/UK legal issue

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Hayden7 Sun 17-Jan-21 06:29:08

My DH filed for divorce recently after asking me to move to Canada for his job (was pregnant at the time). We have 2 DD's, 2 & 4. I am a SAHM currently. It's a nasty divorce, he has extremely good lawyers & he's financially and emotionally abusive. I'm alone here without support. I currently desperately need advice about 2 specific financial issues:
- he bought an expensive property, saying it'd be an investment for us, then closed on it 8 days after separation. Now he claims the property exclusively as his own, because of the date of closure. Under Canadian law, do I have any financial claim to the new house financially? The divorce is being contested here.
- Whilst still in the UK we sold our home there. He deposited the entire (significant) funds from the house sale into his bank account & won't give any of those funds to me, including what I contributed to the deposit. Do I have grounds for an embezzlement/other charge?

N.B. He has a history of non-payment to companies, etc, for work done. He is extremely money fixated and sees all money as 'his' and 'his' only.

I have very little legal funds and would be so grateful if anyone is in a position to give me advice

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fallfallfall Sun 17-Jan-21 06:41:47

I’m of the impression you have access to everything. You won’t even need a good lawyer. But you will need someone.

Threetoone Wed 20-Jan-21 12:01:18

I know of someone in Canada who recently separated and were advised that marital assets were split 50/50, think there may have been an exception for Pre marriage assets.

This was regardless of future needs, ie one partner was having the DCs stay with them in original location whilst spouse was moving alone to a different (and significantly cheaper property wise) province.
But I assume it will depend on which province you are in as laws may differ across the country.
Gather as much information as possible and see a lawyer.

Collaborate Wed 20-Jan-21 14:44:24

You need to seek advice from a Canadian lawyer. Won't be many of those on a UK based parenting site.

Hayden7 Wed 20-Jan-21 15:24:43

I have a UK and Canadian lawyer. The UK lawyer I engaged with was to try and get a UK financial settlement.

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