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Cautiontothewind Mon 11-Jan-21 18:46:22

Hope this is the right place to post. Can anyone confirm if when you take out an insurance policy for a property because you're the executor of the will whether it affects your own policy quotes if you have to make a claim?
The policy is in my name, me and my brother have inherited the property however I am also an executor. Due to inheriting the house the other executors and I thought easier if in my name however there is an issue with the house we need sorting but I want to know if I need to state I've made a claim on insurance when I go to renew my own house insurance!

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redastherose Tue 12-Jan-21 01:37:02

I think you will need to disclose it. You should always disclose anything you feel may be grounds to void any insurance but you should be able to explain that the policy whilst in your name was take out as Executrix of the Estate of whoever the person is who died.

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