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Silverdeer Thu 31-Dec-20 01:19:10

My ex's close relative is stalking me, can I apply for a non molestation order? site says we have to be related. We were never married, but my ex and I have a child together. But the issue is with her relative. I just want something in place to protect myself.

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Rebeccasmoonnecklace Thu 31-Dec-20 01:31:28

I’d have a look on the Suzy Lamplugh website. They have a lot of information related to stalking that might help you.

Ruddyfedup Thu 31-Dec-20 01:37:10

Call the police, bail conditions can be put on if arrested and charged until court. Would still be classed as domestic by my force

shellydashock Thu 31-Dec-20 04:13:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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