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Internet down across entire area.

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ArseInTheCoOpWindow Fri 25-Dec-20 17:03:55

At least 50 houses without it. It was identified as an Openreach problem yesterday about 11:30.

No one can do anything at the moment. All different internet providers sending people round in 5 days or so. I’ve tweeted Openreach.

How do we get back online? This is a huge outage.

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larrythelizard Fri 25-Dec-20 17:10:34

50 houses isn't a huge outage. I'd be pretty annoyed if I was one of them though.

Have you logged a fault with your service provider? They will have to hassle Openreach on your behalf.

When have you been told they're coming out to fix it?

BikeRunSki Fri 25-Dec-20 17:14:51

50 houses is not a huge outage.
It is unfortunate it is today though.
There were 800 houses out around here about 10 days ago.
Are you in an area affected by flooding?

Can you hotspot off your phone?

CoronaIsWatching Fri 25-Dec-20 17:17:16

Good luck with'll need it. Took them 6 weeks to sort my internet (and 4 engineer visits, 2 of which were missed and countless hours on hold to BT). I HATE them.

PleasantVille Fri 25-Dec-20 17:17:57

It's the worst timing but 50 houses is about 1 street isn't it not an entire area (maybe it's a typo) so I can see why it won't be fixed until after Monday. Frustrating but probably nothing that can be done

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Fri 25-Dec-20 17:22:18

It’s over several streets in quite a densely populated area. I only know of the 50 on local fb group.

No flooding, all normal. Lots of people have contacted their various internet providers. But no one is doing anything until 29 th 😭

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fairydustandpixies Fri 25-Dec-20 17:23:39

Use your phone as a hotspot.

LIZS Fri 25-Dec-20 17:28:26

Some suppliers will send out a 4g hub but probably not until the weekend. 50 houses is not a large area though. We did get some compensation from bt a few years ago when whole village was out for several days.

larrythelizard Fri 25-Dec-20 17:30:56

I wouldn't have thought that Openreach would have the full complement of engineers working because of Christmas (and also Covid) and with all the flooding they may well have been redeployed to those areas

Lilao Fri 25-Dec-20 17:33:46

We recently had this in a local estate affecting 200-300 houses and it wasn't fixed for 2-3 weeks!

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Fri 25-Dec-20 17:53:06

Lilao! 😭

2 people work from home
Dd has online lessons on 4th 😭

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ThisMustBeMyDream Sat 26-Dec-20 10:40:55

This happened to me a few weeks ago. Got the text from provider saying openreach would go out in the next 2-3 working days. It came back on about 3/4 hours later. Thank goodness!!!

ProfessorSlocombe Sat 26-Dec-20 11:27:00

Worth noting that if you've been relying on your "domestic" broadband for WFH, something like this can be a game changer. The SLA for domestic provision tends to be quite generous ...

- bearing in mind if you are getting your internet from a provider that uses OpenReach, then they can't offer a better SLA than they get.

Quite aside from the contractual issues surrounding using a domestic service for business (worth checking your small print here) you will also not get much sympathy (or compensation) if you couldn't work for a week because your internet was down or shonky.

Asdf12345 Sat 26-Dec-20 11:46:55

We have found having a business connection gets faults sorted usually same day (I wouldn’t expect anyone to rush over a weekend or a bank holiday though). The price difference is not insignificant but in our case the whole bill still gets reimbursed, though since the recent rule changes it will be subject to benefit in kind taxation. We were also given a 4g mini hub as backup and the other half’s work phone has unlimited tethering albeit somewhat speed limited.

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