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Dentist gone bust!

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lipsticklovley Sat 19-Dec-20 15:05:30

I have been having gum disease treated privately for a year. Very costly and I paid in advance for a treatment plan well into the new year
The company have gone bust and I have a letter as a creditor from an insolvency company, detailing mine and other patients names, addresses and money that was paid in advance
As well as being at a loss as to how I'm going to recoup my money, I'm annoyed that my personal details must have been shared with everyone else on the list!!!
Employees are also included, names addresses and wages
I'm not well read on this type of thing but is it standard to have this confidential information made public? The letter came second class post not signed for or marked confidential

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prh47bridge Sat 19-Dec-20 18:08:52

It is unlikely you will get your money back, I'm afraid. At best you will only get a small proportion of it I'm afraid.

However, I would complain to the liquidators about what appears to be a clear breach of GDPR. That won't get you any more money but they need reminding that they shouldn't be sending people's details out in this way.

Tearsfortiers Sat 19-Dec-20 18:15:26

Did you pay on your credit card? We paid for a year's gym membership for both of us in advance. The gym went bust but our credit card company gave us the money back.

lipsticklovley Sat 19-Dec-20 18:55:34

I recognise one of the people on the list!
She must be a patient also, surely this is a breach of sensitive data
I stupidly saved during the start of the year and paid using debit card to get a 5% discount

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bellalou1234 Sat 19-Dec-20 18:59:12

Off your topic I know. I have gum disease see a hygienist 4 monthly, but feel my teeth are no better what treatment were you having?

lipsticklovley Sat 19-Dec-20 19:01:24

It was laser treatment, and I felt like it was working very well, my pocket measurements were reduced by quite a lot, I don't even know who else could do this, was in Manchester

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bellalou1234 Sat 19-Dec-20 19:03:23

Can I ask how much it is? When I ask my hygienist what else can be done shes vague 🙄..

lipsticklovley Sat 19-Dec-20 19:11:22

My whole treatment plan was just under 4K
That included some sort of bacteria test, a genetic test, a few sessions of deep cleaning and then the laser visits
I was due to have further bacteria tests next year (something to do with certain types of bacteria levels they reduce with laser)
It was excellent treatment, for the first time in years I felt like I wasn't going to lose my teeth due to gum disease

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bellalou1234 Sat 19-Dec-20 19:15:24

I hope you get sorted and get your money back.. how bloody annoying

LeaveMyDamnJam Sat 19-Dec-20 19:15:28

If you paid by credit card you might be able to get a refund that way.

Re the data breech, that is appalling.

lipsticklovley Sat 19-Dec-20 19:18:29

Debit card! Honestly thought that I was doing the right thing
I'm owed around £1000 according to the insolvency people
Not money I can afford to lose or pay out again!
I agree the long list of names and addresses is awful, I feel sorry for the staff too, looks like they are owed substantial wages

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Lineofconcepcion Sun 20-Dec-20 01:04:23

Speak to your bank and ask if they can do a chargeback.

littleone7 Sun 20-Dec-20 01:09:16

Unfortunately it isn't a data breach, it's part of the Insolvency Act and Insolvency Rules that the creditors addresses have to be included in the Statement of Affairs and circulated to everyone they owe money to. They don't get included when it gets sent to Companies House. I understand your frustration but for some strange reason those rules override GDPR rules.

lipsticklovley Sun 20-Dec-20 09:06:22

Really @littleone7?
That's crazy, I assumed as it was medical/healthcare that things had to be kept confidential, I remember being there one day and a manager was speaking to a trainee about the importance of not leaving anything on reception
Thanks @Lineofconcepcion but I have tried that already, and they're not interested

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