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Energy Bill incorrect

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prh47bridge Tue 15-Dec-20 13:43:59

They need to take legal action against you to make you pay. The chances are they won't. Ignore them until they do.

InterfectoremVulpes Tue 15-Dec-20 11:22:49

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise any next steps for this.

Our energy company recently went into administration. We had a complaint with the Ombudsman as we had been overcharged for electricity but this has now been closed by the Ombudsman as the company is in Administration do they cannot help.

I have contacted the administrators to advise that the bill is incorrect and requesting a corrected bill. The issue is with the meter readings used to calculate our final bill which are wrong which has resulted in us owing thousands.

I have provided evidence that the meter readings are wrong and have numerous emails from the energy company that were sent at the time admitting their mistake and promising to correct records which they never did.

Now the administrators are saying the bill is correct and based on the details on file - they don't seem to even be looking at the evidence I have sent.

As I no longer have the Ombudsman to lodge a complaint is there any other authority or legal action I can take to get this dealt with?

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