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Child arrangements order

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Rachna83 Wed 16-Dec-20 00:03:23

I recently had a court order changed which I am still waiting for from my solicitor but he did say that they don't re write the entire order and only state the changes made from the previous one. Do you have a solicitor as he is in breach of the court order.

prh47bridge Tue 08-Dec-20 19:53:19

You really need to get a lawyer to check the new order to see if it kept the old arrangements in place for the things you agreed not to change even though it didn't specifically set out what those arrangements were. If it did keep the old arrangements in place for birthdays, Christmas, etc. you can take enforcement action against him to make him comply with the order.

xoxogossipgirl2020 Tue 08-Dec-20 17:45:48

@Coffeeeeandcake for me, and I believe the children. It is not about violence, although I do feel like I’m being controlled and belittled and that my life is being made hell by him, but that’s neither here or nor there.

There were many many issues with the recent proceedings. However, what’s come to light today, is that during the hearing when we agreed to keep xyz the same and change xyz, the new order only states the new changes, not the things agreed to remain the same, as a result, he has now stopped me seeing the children on their birthdays, because that arrangement was not changed but it no longer states it, so he is manipulating it, (we have 50/50 - it has always been that the children see the parent they aren’t with on their birthday as well as the one they are with) this leads me to believe, that he will do the same with Christmas now, as it falls during his fine, but the previous arrangements are no longer stated in the most recent order!

I hope that makes sense.

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Coffeeeeandcake Tue 08-Dec-20 17:11:40

Worst for who? The children? Or for you?

If the children’s safety or wellbeing is at risk you should seek advice from statutory services irrespective of the private law proceedings that have taken place.

If things are worse for you, ie, ongoing harassment etc, you need to contact the police for advice.

If it’s that communication and contact are really difficult, consider contact apps/ third party involvement so that you don’t have to have direct contact.

Good luck OP flowers

xoxogossipgirl2020 Tue 08-Dec-20 17:06:09

I am at breaking point. For the past year I have been back in court for changes to be made to existing child arrangements order, case is now closed and it now transpires it’s worse than it originally was. I cannot speak to an actual human in any of the relevant services and I no longer know what to do. I cannot afford any more legal advise. I am not entitled to any help. I am losing my mind, and truly, my will to live and I simply do not know where to turn anymore. Does anybody have any advice?! Is theee anybody on here trained in such things that can point me in the right direction. I am waiting for a call back from my MP but honestly, I have no idea what the hell they would be able to do about any of it. I cannot stop crying and am just mentally and physically drained from the entire thing now, I don’t know how much longer I am go on. I can’t live like this.

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