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V5c log book

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Oregano20 Wed 25-Nov-20 09:42:45

Hi everyone

About 2 years ago, we were gifted other halfs parents old car, we have insurance in our names, not theirs, and it's all MOT'd

Only thing is, his mum can't find v5c so she's been paying the tax and car is still register to their address hundreds of miles away.

Would we get a fine if we were pulled over? She seems to think it would be okay but I'm worried and hoping she finds this paper so we can fix this

Thanks for replies xx

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Margaritatime Wed 25-Nov-20 10:22:37

Just ask her to either get a replacement or report she has sold it to you

Oregano20 Wed 25-Nov-20 12:13:21

Thank you very much I'll pass that on flowers

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Ffsffsffsffsffs Sun 29-Nov-20 01:36:34

V5 records the registered keeper of the vehicle. I would check your insurance very carefully for small print re ownership/keeper of the car.

She can apply for a new log book quite easily, a quick Google will tell you how.

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