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Closure order

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mumfromafar Mon 09-Nov-20 18:41:35

In April when I was in the grips of addiction, my mental health was at its lowest and I was homeless I entered a house that had a closure order on it (yes I knew but didn't really understand). I now have to appear in court to answer the charges even though I wasn't arrested at the time. I am terrified I will go to prison but don't understand if its just a fine or not. The letter said to write to the court and plead guilty for a lesser fine which I have done but I am still very worried. I now know how wrong I was and have been to rehab and am living in a dry house and am getting support from mental health teams and my key workers. If anyone has any advice (mainly if I will get a custodial sentence) I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

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mumfromafar Mon 09-Nov-20 18:42:45

I should also add I have a conviction for drink driving when I was very ill with my bipolar.

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mumfromafar Mon 09-Nov-20 20:40:46

Can anyone advise?

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BananaPop2020 Tue 10-Nov-20 00:19:55

Obviously I don’t know your full circs, but a prison sentence for this is unusual. Your reasons for doing so will be key, and the fact that you are getting your life together and accessing help will be massively in your favour.

mumfromafar Tue 10-Nov-20 09:14:14

Thank you

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BananaPop2020 Tue 10-Nov-20 09:52:53

No problem, good luck for the future!

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