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House Purchase - Legal Checklist Help!

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WingingIt101 Thu 05-Nov-20 03:24:08

Hi all

We are in the process of selling our house and purchasing another one. Sadly we have appointed the worlds most ineffective solicitor, I genuinely think she would do more for us if she were in a coma.

Examples of issues:
- zero communication, I’ve been chasing information for months and nothing gets responded to.
- ignores other solicitors in the chain, our buyers frequently complain that they’ve requested or shared info via their solicitor and she ignores them to the point they now cannot complete on the scheduled day and we’ve lost our moving firm as a result.
- inaccurate advice. She advised we had full legal title guarantee, upon detailed reading of the contract it transpired we did not. It took weeks of chasing for her to correct this and what it meant for us.
- sent contracts with names spelt wrong and wrong purchase prices
- admitted documents are just a mail merge that frequently glitches but she doesn’t proof read anything.

I have already tried escalating to her director for assistance but she also ignores all correspondence
We are too far down the line to change solicitor (plus we couldn’t afford two sets of fees) and so I need to make the best of our situation.
Please could someone more knowledgeable than me let me know what things I should double check and when to ensure I don’t end up with issues where possible down the line - eg check they complete the land title registry within x days of completion, do this at!

I know you guys may not know everything but I know nothing so help is much appreciated!

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user1487194234 Thu 05-Nov-20 06:15:00

I strongly advise that you make an urgent complaint to the managing partner and get this matter properly dealt with

PeppermintPasty Sat 07-Nov-20 09:24:50

I’m a conveyancing solicitor and agree with the above. Escalate it and raise merry hell. Partners/directors of legal firms do not like getting their insurance companies involved when complaints are made, and in my experience will jump when a client complains and try very hard to resolve it and stop it escalating. Or they should do anyway!

We cannot really give you a checklist to follow, as there is so much involved with the legal side of house buying. Each house, and area they are in, is different.

Also, it is not actually that difficult to change lawyers. Think about whether you can do this and talk to people around you who have recently used solicitors, and can recommend a good one. A pro-active new lawyer will ensure a smooth quick transition.

But the main thing-complain! Good luck.

DameCelia Sun 08-Nov-20 14:01:10

Are you actually using a solicitor? or a conveyancer? or a conveyancing firm? Regardless of the answer; COMPLAIN. Get a copy of their complaints procedure, this will be easy to obtain. Follow the procedure. Tell them in the first complaint communication that you will be escalating the complaint in line with their own procedure if you do not receive satisfactory responses.
By the way, who recommended them? if you got bullied into using a particular firm by an estate agent it is worth complaining to them as well. Let the agent know that they are possibly going to lose their commission if the chain falls through due to the actions of the conveyancer.

WingingIt101 Mon 09-Nov-20 16:13:28

Thank you for the replies.

We have managed to exchange but you’re right it needs to be addressed to ensure everything is handled correctly.
I already escalated twice to the director but had no response. I’ll go to the managing partner now.

They are a conveyancing solicitor and we’re suggested by a friend who used the firm but turns out had a different person who was much better.

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