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Mumsareheros Thu 05-Nov-20 19:56:15

Hi, hope your all well.I am looking fro some advice.
I am currently stuck in a custody court battle with my ex for our 8 year old daughter. She currently stays with me but sees her dad every other Weekend. She loves it and the routine is perfect for her.

She is currently on an ECHP from school and recieves regualr SALT sessions. She also has a learning support assistant every week that helps her with her educational special needs. My ex is refuses to believe theres anhthing wrong with my daughter hes never been involved or attended anh parents evening/assessments.

My daughter as an 8 year old os unable to do her timetables/ cant read a book/holds small conversations/unable to show emotion/fails to form emotional relationships with anyone. But over the last few years she has been able to get into a routine that has helped her in her school worl/ finally begun to make friends/ form a stable relationship with her little sister/ hold a pen properly/ show an interest in schoolwork. Obviously she wasnt doing this before but as her mother im totally proud of whatshe has achieved.

My ex wants 50/50 so hes proposing mon and tue over at his house then wed Thurs at mine then back to his..... i truly believe this will cause her emotional distress and ruin the routine we have. Ive explained this to my ex and hes like no i want to spend more time with her. At the moment cafcass have requested a s7 report will they ask my daughter quesyions even though shes unable to full understand what is happening? I dont mind im just curious and in other peoples experiences does the judge give 50/50 custody? Will he look at ny daughter special needs. We live 5 mins from the school and my ex lives 30 mins (without traffic) so that means she will spend 1 hour everyday when shes with him travelling in a car. Also means she will have to get up earlier to get ready for school. Im just bit confused and am looking for advice. Im opposing 50/50 contact as its not in her best interests. During school holidays my ex sees her quite alot surely this is enough?

I also dont understand how he can spend 3k on a solicitor but cant put money towards a private assessment/private speech therapy lessons? Ive been funding everything on my own for last 4 years. Ive suggested mediation so me and my ex can sit down and i can explain what this will do to her and hes says he wont attend?

Familylawsolicitor Thu 05-Nov-20 13:50:49

Just a position statement summarising your position and what directions you think the court should to make and why, to determine the case. Eg if directions are needed for statements, expert evidence, disclosure of police/social services records if it’s a case about a child.

Mumstay Mon 02-Nov-20 15:15:01

Hi all,
Do I need to prepare a opening/closing statement for the first hearing at family court?
Thanks in advance.

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