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Family court

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Mumstay Mon 02-Nov-20 14:46:04

Hi all.
My ex partner has taken me to court making false allegations regarding I would not attend mediation ( it was him who denied and I have the email threat from the mediator to prove this)
He also claimed his access Was completely terminated during lockdown which is untrue there were restrictions Put in place to which he agreed to as I live with my mother who is high risk And I was pregnant. He did not take the government guidelines seriously because I seen him attending BBQ’s And parties at his dads house who lives facing us with lots of friends. I have multiple text messages stating he could visit any time to play in the garden,FaceTime & phone calls to which he completely overlooked.
Theirs lots of reasons why I don’t agree with his parenting skills but I have always overlooked this for my sons sake as I understand rules and parenting skills are different for example he never brushes his teeth, no homework is completed on his allocated weekends and he always leaves him with other people. We have always been in a agreement that he does not consume alcohol while caring for our son as his drinking always leads to taking illegal drugs.
Recently my son told me that he and his dad had been robbing in Asda and his dad told him not to tell anyone, when I asked if theirs anything else he’s not allowed to tell anyone he informed me his dad gives him beer when he’s drinking but he’s not allowed to tell anyone or they will both be sent to jail. I’m not willing to overlock this my son is 6.
My first court hearing is tomorrow and I’m representing Myself. Could anyone give me advice please? As I was willing to agree to most things ex was proposing but all my trust has gone.

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