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Contacting distant relatives

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StCharlotte Mon 19-Oct-20 08:35:15


Even my 103 year old uncle is on Facebook although he's never uploaded a picture of his dinner to be fair grin

Annoyingly one cousin won't countenance it because she's a "technophobe" and she's the one who moans about being isolated from the rest of the family.

We had to track down family on DH's side regarding an inheritance. Found them all on there. Anyone under 30 though, not a chance.

Justpassingtime1 Mon 19-Oct-20 08:08:49

They are 3 generations of cousins. We were close as youngsters.
They are far away.
We last saw them at a funeral 10 years ago (we travelled there)
Have received communications occasionally from the older ones
and know they have moved but no details.
We know the second generation works in education.
How to contact them?

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