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GDPR question

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smelting2020 Tue 25-Aug-20 23:19:21

I've worked in data, but this has me a little ?? I'm hoping someone can clarify for me. Sorry a little long but I think the context is needed. I hope it makes sense. Thank you

I have raised concerns regarding my DC GCSE CAGs to the school, as basically they flunked DC was predicted 6s, 5s & 4s but was given mainly 3s and 2s. They even got a 2 in a subject where if they had sat the exam & just put their name they would have got more due to the coursework.

To me it looks as if the school tanked the kids going off to do practical courses which didn't necessarily need the grades in order to appease the curve. The reality is that 4s are required for the practical courses as well - they may not be as prestigious for the school, but these are really good courses, that are limited on places. You need to have other skills to get on to them, ones that are grafted outside of school. My DC is most definitely not the only one from this group who got flunked. All the A Level crewe were passed with flying colours - they got their 8s & 9s.

When I queried the CAGs with the school, they have quoted that I need my DC to ok me investigating it as due to GDPR I'm not entitled to? Now my DC is happy to do so, but it just feels very off, why would GDPR apply to a parent wanting to know how a centre assessed their 16 year old child?


Is this correct, do I have no right to ask this information from the school?

Do I have any legal recourse?

Thank you

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TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Tue 25-Aug-20 23:23:03

The age at which a child can give their own consent under the GDPR, is 16 years . However, in the UK only, that age limit has been lowered to 13 years by the DPA 2018.

Just get your child to give consent for you to investigate on his behalf.

smelting2020 Tue 25-Aug-20 23:27:04

Thank you and I will do. He has no problem doing so. It was just weird that they made such a big deal that they can't release the information...but they can at parents evenings???

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