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Non-molestation order against a parent.

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TeetotalKoala Mon 13-Jul-20 13:52:33

Hi all. I've posted this on Stately Homes too so apologies if you're reading it twice.

TL:DR. NC with mother. Mother continuing to email/write/get family involved. Today turned up on my doorstep. Considering non-molestation order, but can't find any info relating to non-violent relationships online. Need advice please.

Background. I am NC with my mother (since Nov 17) after many years of emotional abuse. I am sad that we weren't able to have a relationship, but I refuse to be a participant in her games any longer.

Over the last few years, she's frequently tried to contact me, by post, email and phone. I have blocked her on everything (bar post, though if anyone knows how, short of moving, I'd love to hear). She's got extended family members involved and now some no longer talk to me. No-one is interested in the pain I've been caused over the years, it's all about his much I'm hurting her by withholding my children from her and not talking to her.

Last week my uncle forwarded an email from her. I replied to him, once again explaining my decision, telling him how unhappy I was that he had become a pawn in his game, and telling him that j would no longer discuss her with him. He said that he wouldn't forward my email, simply tell her that she was wasting her time. I believe him. After the email, I looked into a non-molestation order, but it felt a bit extreme.

This afternoon my door went. On the doorstep was her partner. Laden down with bags (gifts I presume) and flowers. She was in the car. She lives a 2 hour drive away, but I did know she'd be passing my motorway junction today as she went on to visit family. She's attemped to get people to come with her in the past, she asked my brother to drive with her, bringing my toddler nephew too, as the assumption was that I wouldn't be able to send my nephew away. He told her no. She's asked other family members too. All have said no. Her partner, by his own admission just not, doesn't know the half of it and doesn't want to be involved. I feel for him as he's another pawn in her game. I opened the door, but my husband quickly took over and kindly but firmly sent the partner away. To the partners credit, he accepted it at once.

So now I'm seriously considering this non-molestation order. I'm not at risk of any violence, I just want to be left alone. Everytime there's communication, I feel myself spiral, and it throws me off for a good few days. I don't sleep and it drags me down. Yet, it still feels like there's not enough to apply for one.

I'd love any advice on this please. Google just gives me lots of domestic violence advice, and is aimed at women taking them out against partners.

I love my house. We don't want to move. And we shouldn't have to.

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Collaborate Mon 13-Jul-20 19:36:26

Such an injunction order can be made under the family Law Act 1996. You are "associated with" (s42(2)) your mother because you are "related" (s62(3)(d)). Relatives include a parent (see s63(1)).

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