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Please help me..

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Jujaya Sun 21-Jun-20 16:19:39

This will be long and I know I will be flamed but I am desparate...

My husband is abusive physically, mentally etc. Last year he was issued with a DVPN against me for strangling me. In December he moved back in as I had a hysterectomy and did not want him to have the kids with him. 2 days after he shoved a sock down my throat and tore my wound open. The things he has done are too many but basically since lockdown he has been manipulating my 10 and 8 year old against me. I was working long hours on a Covid ward and he took advantage and took them out every chance he got, not adhering to the rules at all. After 2 months they seeemd to all of a sudden not want me but said I was lazy and boring.

Things got worse and on Saturday last week he took them without telling me where they were going. I had a couple of beers and when he got back he said I was drunk..not true. Anyway he took my ohone and locked the office so I couldnt get to the landline. I took a steak tenderiser to try and break the lock to call the police but he called them and I was arrested as he said I had attacked him and damaged his house as well. The police released me with no further action as they said I did nothing wrong. However, he has now refused to return the girls from his Mums house. He says they are scared of me and wont let me have any contact at all.

I have issued an emergency court order for their return but he is poisoning them against me so much. I sound crazy but honestly last year my daughter told her teacher she was terrified of her father and it was documented.

This man also left me to carry a dead baby inside me that had died at 18 weeks because he had booked a cycling holiday the next day. I had to wait a week to have the treatment. Just one of the things.

How likely is it I will ever see my girls again? My life is not worth living without them. I just want my girls back home.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 21-Jun-20 16:23:54

I'm so, so sorry. Could you contact this organisation tomorrow? They can arrange a telephone appointment for you (they offer legal advice for family law).
All the best Op flowers

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