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CAO Application online? Experience

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OnTheFenceWithMostViews Sat 09-Nov-19 12:48:52

Is it quicker and more straight forward than the paper versions where you have to write out 3 copies?

DH has a CAO in place for dsd however it's come to a point dsd wants to be here more. Her DM isnt even allowing an extra 1 hr (not what the cao says.. Her words), she's controlling etc so easier to go straight back to court for dsd sake..
No mediation needed as previous accusations of DV which was thrown out our court.. Judges words were ' you're trying to be difficult as your dds father obtained a CAO'
So hoping it's more straight forward online

How long does it take? Example
If he applied Monday.. When will they recieve a hearing date.?

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Collaborate Sat 09-Nov-19 14:51:53

Unless he was the victim of DV he'll need a MIAM.

No quicker online than by post. It's the court diaries that are the problem. Not enough judges and the court rooms are being closed off. That's what happens when the government cuts the court budget by 40%. You know which way to vote next month I hope.

OnTheFenceWithMostViews Sat 09-Nov-19 15:25:27

Thanks. We spoke to. Mediation and they said because there was police involvement and it went as far as court he didn't have to do. Miam..
Maybe he'll call up again

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OnTheFenceWithMostViews Sat 09-Nov-19 15:47:24

Here on the exceptions it also says about allegation of DV. With supported evidence which he has. But will get him to call Monday to. Double check.

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Ropeman Sat 09-Nov-19 23:04:24

You're asking for a variation on an existing order so no miams needed. Depending on the child's age the court may take their wishes I to account. For an enforcement order the court should give you a date within 20 working days but for a variation you may have to wait.

OnTheFenceWithMostViews Sun 10-Nov-19 17:55:02

OK thanks. Not sure what it would be. The old. Cao is 2 yrs old so was lead to believe it would be a whole new hearing. Especially as there's been a few things arisen that dh has concerns about with his dd.

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