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sam235corner Mon 21-Oct-19 17:49:59

My son is due back to a police station this week as his bail is due (28 days), I hasten to add for a crime he categorically did not commit (non violent burglary). He's on a pre-charge bail.
The duty solicitor hasn't been in touch and he's simply too frightened to call her to check on the status of his case. He has had a dreadful mental health crisis due the the stress.
I've read on his bail conditions that the solicitor should be informed if his bail is due to extend, is this really true or just the ideal?
We just don't know what to expect at the police station because no one in my family has ever been arrested.

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Bluebell9 Mon 21-Oct-19 18:01:57

Unless he hears otherwise, he needs to turn up at the police station on the time/ date he has been advised.
He may be interviewed again in relation to the ongoing enquiries.

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