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Notting Hill Genesis Housing - eroding my rights

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Asdoestherain1 Wed 16-Oct-19 09:30:49

For 5 years I have been victim of anti-social abuse from a mentally ill neighbour who lives alone with young child.NHG and social services have failed to ensure that neighbour has an adequate mental health care plan and get her re-housed. Forced to move out with my children. Noise nuisance team, social services, housing ombudsman, police, local counsellor, local MP and the one neighbour who has been supportive (because not afraid of abusive neighbour) are all powerless.
Reading reviews of NHG on Trustpilot and articles in the news it is clear that NHG are a corrupt organisation (Grenfell being on everyone's mind).Any great ideas as to how we can defeat them? I have signed petition to give Housing Ombudsman more power over Housing Associations.

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